Class Schedule & Descriptions

All group apparatus classes have a maximum of six people per class.


8:30am - Mixed Equipment Class 1-1.5

4:30pm - Reformer 1.5

5:30pm - Reformer 2


8:30am - Reformer 1.5

12:10pm - Lunchtime Express

4:30pm - Reformer 1

5:30pm - Pilates Barre Fusion

6:30pm - Reformer: Powerhouse Hour


8:30am - Reformer 1-1.5

4:30pm - Reformer 1.5

5:30pm - Reformer 2


6:00am - Mixed Equipment Class 1-1.5

8:30am - Pilates Reformer: Arms, Butt, Core

4:00pm - Reformer 1

5:00pm - Reformer 1.5

6:00pm - Reformer: Powerhouse Hour


8:30am - Reformer 1-1.5

10:00am - Pilates Circuit

12:10pm - Lunchtime Express


8:30am Reformer 1-1.5

11:00am Pilates Reformer: Jumpboard


12:00pm - Release, Stretch and Relax.

Please see our app or MindBody for any possible schedule changes


A Pilates equipment class that combines work on the Reformer, Tower, and Jumpboard to develop both muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance. Standing floor work is included.

Essential Reformer

A class that focuses on fundamental Pilates core building exercises to help build a strong foundation. The class will focus on strength from the inside out and deep postural muscles. Essential is slower paced for clients recovering from injuries, slight limitations and those wanting a gentler class.

Reformer 1

A core focused class that will strengthen the entire body. The class will challenge balance, flexibility and strength. Modifications always offered.

Reformer 1-1.5

This class is a mixed level that welcomes beginner students who have completed the Intro class to Pilates and students who have been practicing and  feel ready to advance. This class offers modifications to challenge all participants.

Reformer 1.5

All levels welcome. Any piece of Pilates equipment may be used. Lots of modifications to challenge all participants.

Reformer 2

A full body reformer workout. Balance, strength, and flexibility will be put to the test.

Tower / Chair

This equipment based class will combine exercises on the Pilates Tower and Chair. This core focused class will strengthen the entire body. 


A full body workout that builds on the fundamentals of Pilates while giving you a cardiovascular challenge. This class will build strength, endurance and flexibility.

Pilates Mat Classes

This class is a balanced workout on the mat which focuses on proper alignment and form, while teaching how to get deep core conditioning for strength, flexibility and tone. The class consists of a warm up that includes joint mobility and active stretching exercises. Numerous props, rings, balls, rollers and weights will be added to add challenge to the class.

Pilates Barre Fusion

This class is designed to strengthen, tone, and balance the entire body. Each class will use the push thru bar, reformer, mat, light weights and various props. Students will focus on form and precisions while the instructor will emphasize basic alignment, Pilates foundations and specific muscle actions.

Reformer: Powerhouse Hour

Discover your inner powerhouse with Pilates! Strengthening your deepest core muscles will improve your posture, increase strength and flexibility.

Joseph Pilates developed his exercise system based on the Greek idea of man balanced in mind, body and spirit. The world's greatest athletes use Pilates to improve athletic performance. 

Release, Stretch and Relax.:

 A mobility stretch class that will help you become more flexible. This class will focus on creating more space in your joints and greater ease of movement. Props such as rollers, massage balls, yoga blocks and tower are used to enhance the work. This class is an excellent compliment to a more rigorous workout regime and/or Pilates practice. Class open to all levels.